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Monday, October 01, 2007
~ 1:48 PM ~
For those of you who don't know, I resigned from my current position 2 weeks ago which means i have exactly 9 working days left until I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (yes Hao, free like youuuuu!). It's not that I dislike my job - quite the contrary actually - but it has come to a point in my life and career where I had to make decisions about my career and my person life. Since giving notice, it has been a very long two weeks of waiting and i'm sure it'll be an even longer two weeks extra of countdown.

I do have three more assignments left on my postgrad before I finish up and am done and dusted with postgrad education for the time being (I know, for some reason I feel I should continue to subject myself to the torture of going on and doing a Masters) but besides that, I'm just looking forward to doing nothing, to lounging around and to catching up on all that I have neglected of late. My room is a mess, my body is aching and needs a break, i'm constantly tired, and I just need to spring clean for awhile - but until those 9 days are over, I'll have to wait patiently.

But anyways, last night I went to see Varekai, the latest Cirque du Soleil show to come to town. I have previously seen Alegria, and while I did enjoy Varekai, I just didnt feel the same "wow" as I did when I saw Alegria. I think a lot of it had to do with the story - the fallen angel was beautiful and the forest creatures interesting, but the story didn't seem to conclude the way I would've liked it to.

We also went to eat at Villa Rustica where I ordered Chilli Mussels and Quan had the Chicken Risotto. The Risotto was disgusting, and the mussels were "okay but a bit too salty". The service was tardy - a waiter came up to us 10 minutes after being seated asking for our order to which I replied "we haven't even gotten menus", the food came out slow given the restaurant was quite empty last night, and the till lady was very abrupt. Not recommended.

Okay, hope you're enjoying your long weekend :0

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Sunday, September 23, 2007
~ 1:24 PM ~
Last night, Quan and I went to see Snow Patrol at Burswood Dome and I thought it was great! The venue took a little while to fill up while Snow Patrol's support acts came on - Iain Archer, and Silversun Pickups. I myself LOVED Iain Archer's music - very mellow, folkish rock, just the way I like it. But once Snow Patrol came on, they put on a great show and played all the necessary songs that HAD to be included, and they knew how to interact with the crowd. I would have liked to have a longer show given the support acts were a 1.5 hour show and snow patrol a 1.5 hour show as well, but nonetheless enjoyed it. Some piccies (I promise they won't give you epilepsy this time, unlike my photos from Kylie last year).


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Sunday, September 16, 2007
~ 8:56 AM ~
I spent the last few days mainly confined to my bedroom, or when hungry/needing to go the toilet/needing to clean , I spent it hobbling around on a pair of crutches. Some people might say that it was bound to happen. Some people might've even said that it was way overdue. But regardless, it has neither been a fun nor convenient way to get around :(

While I worked from home on Thursday, I needed to go in on Friday because I had a whole day blocked out for a media training course. Because it's confined to my left foot, I was able to drive my car to work (automatic) without too much hassle. The hassle however came when I had to cross the road from the Perth Concert Hall Parking Lot (underground) to my workplace across the road on St Georges Tce. Usually it takes 2 minutes. This took 22 minutes.

Then when I drove home, I needed to fill up on petrol. Unfortunately, motorists driving home in peak our traffic are not the most patient or understanding. This particular petrol station in East Perth is under going some work at the moment, so the exit is limited to one lane. Unfortunately for me, my car was the very first one there and also, the one at the front of that "one lane". Getting petrol, hobbling on crutches to go pay, and then coming out to see all the other drivers in their cars waiting with grumpy faces is not a rewarding experience :S

It's been 4 days now and my ankle is much better. I can now hobble without my crutches though my ankle is in its least stable condition.


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Saturday, September 08, 2007
~ 9:05 AM ~
So. It's been awhile. I've had to make some decisions about what I want to do, and where I want to go. I think for now they're settled. Done and dusted. But 3 months down the track, i'm pretty sure they'll come back and ask me the question "what now". But we'll answer them when they come around.

So... what's been happening?

Well, last weekend, we went to watch the Eagles last normal season game against the Essendon Bombers. For those that have known me for a long time, they will know that Essendon was my team of choice.. back before they started losing. And most people know that i'm quite competitive, so with a losing team came lost hopes.. and eventually, i jumped the bandwagon and started to support the team that I *should've* supported from the start - my home team.

But that did not stop me from farewelling the great man of the match - Brownlow medallist James Hird, and of course, coach Kevin Sheedy. *wipes a tear*

And in more recent games, we got together at Larry's place and watched the Eagles lose to Port Adelaide. You could definitely sense the feeling of loss in the room at the end of the match, and ESPECIALLY when Cousins went down. Ohhhh the calamity....

Anyways, i'll leave it at a footy post for now - will update on the 'decisions' later :D have a great weekend.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007
~ 8:23 PM ~
As you can tell, I've been neglecting my blog.. and I probably will for awhile. Life is hectic, crazy, stressful and full on necessarily "important" decisions and pathways to choose. So, rather than disappearing forever, I just thought i'd let you know i'm taking a break and when everything's clear, i'll blog again.


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Saturday, July 28, 2007
~ 3:57 PM ~
Last weekend, Mish, Jess and I were supposed to go to Tarts Cafe on Lake Street but Mish was struck down by the dreaded food poisoning bug so we weren't able to go.

So... being curious and incredibly excited by the Tarts Cafe website, Quan and I ventured to Tarts for a little lunch/coffee today.

My thoughts? I thought it was a bit pricey for what it was - you get a tiny slice of Quiche and Salad for about $13-$15 and you can get a little Patty and Salad for about $15-$17.

Anyways, we opted for a little Lemon Tart, Quiche, and being the boy that he is , Quan picked out the most sickening looking cupcake - a vanilla cupcake frosted with pink icing, nerds, and chico babies :S Enjoy ;)


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Sunday, July 15, 2007
~ 8:12 PM ~
.. Apologies again for the lacklustre posting of late - work has been hectic as always and not so fun lately, and life has taken a bit of a slippery slope but we'll deal with that away from the public domain of blogging eh ;)

Anyways, Quan came back for the weekend (and is back out tomorrow morning). Yesterday, we were dying for some good sushi - especially Quan since there is no sushi in Kalgoorlie - and so we discovered Edo Shiki in the City. Well, I lie a little - I have been there in the past and didnt find it so good, but we decided to give it a shot again since I wanted some dimsum and he wanted some sushi.

All in all, I think the food is below average, if not average at best. I say that because the sushi was not cold, and the dimsum wasn't as warm/hot as it normally is. There wasn't much range in both the sushi and the dimsum , and the sushi was fairly dry and lacked flavour. The service was also questionable as we were greeted with a girl who obviously hated her job, and a waiter who didn't think to give us any chopstix to eat with.

However, in terms of kaiten sushi, I think it is reasonably priced, and I like that you can get the two (oddly matched) varieties in one place.

At night, we also headed out to Lanna Thai in Subi with Quan's family. I really enjoyed the tom kha soup, and found the rest of the food quite enjoyable although not amazing. The service was very patient with our millions of questions, although at one stage, the waiter took away ALL our cutlery before we had finished and we were left to ponder how to eat the rice. When I eventually did ask for new cutlery, he came back with one set for me and I politely asked if we could get a set for everyone and he looked completely puzzled as he noticed that NONE of us had cutlery. He must've had a pretty blur moment. The restaurant itself is quite thai styled with the traditional gold cutlery, buddha statues and lots of intricate carvings. Conclusion? An enjoyable thai restaurant tucked away from the busyness of mainstream Subi.

And today? I headed off to the WA Kung Fu Championships where Chinwoo did some amazing Wushu and Yaolin took out a bunch of medals.

Everyone did super well in keeping up their energies throughout the entire day, continuing if there was a stuff up, and getting fantastic high scores. Special mention to Small Alan for taking out "State Champion" and to Jason who was the day's overall highest scorer and winner of many medals. Great job guys!


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